Hi everyone, I’m Tati and I’m the creator behind Strawberry Dicecraft! I have been playing D&D since I was 19, which makes this seven years. I’ve been a player and a DM more than once each, but I’m happier letting someone else tell the story. I love making new characters and have over a dozen that I’ve never played. Ever since my first game I have been a total dice goblin, and I always loved the idea of making dice but I didn’t think it was a possibility until I jumped on Instagram a couple of years ago. I’m so happy I’m realizing my dream.

When I’m not making dice I’m a stay-home mum to a very energetic and mischievous four year old. My longtime dream is to open a game store, but I may be happier just crafting away in my garage. I have multiple health conditions, including but not limited to fibromyalgia, depression, ADHD, and autism (it’s misleading to call autism a health condition, but that’s a whole conversation). Being moderately disabled in a number of ways, I’m very grateful to my wife Lyra who is my guardian angel. My hobbies outside D&D include baking (when I have the energy), K-pop, drawing (and throwing out my sketches), Skyrim, anime, growing succulents, and napping. I have an extreme aversion to vegetables, exercise, and adulting. Aside from my wife and kid, I live with two cats named Eevee and Björn. We’re also currently fostering a springer spaniel called Rosie until her forever home is ready.

We hail from New Zealand, though I was born in Scotland and lived there until I was eight. When I was growing up I wanted to be an author or an actress, but as I got older I realised having a family was the most important thing to me. I have a degree i linguistics and a diploma in editing, neither of which I’m currently using. I picked the name Strawberry because its my favourite fruit and also because its very cute which was important to me. I aspire to actually sell my dice at some point but for now I’m working out the kinks so that when I’m ready to the this hobby to the next level, I’ll be proud of each and every set that leaves my hands. I’ve loved getting to know the dicemaking community, which is one of the best things that’s every happened to me, and getting to interact with so many cool people through my dice. Here’s to beautiful click clacks for everyone.

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