A little about this creation by One Page Mage. A few months ago, Crafting Geeks hosted a Charity Auction, and One Page Mage graciously donated a free custom made One Page Adventure. I happened to when the auction and sent him my ideas.

My main request was a dungeon based on a 2D twenty-sided die (D20). I wanted all the faces to be chambers in a dungeon. That was it. Not a lot of details, and heck if it was me offering the custom commission I would of wanted more details.

One Page Mage went to work and provided me with this amazing custom adventure, titled “The Twentieth Dungeon”.

They put a lot of work into developing this dungeon. It is filled with monsters, traps, and puzzles.

If you download and run this dungeon crawl, please leave us some comments and reviews down below. I would love to hear your thoughts and will make sure we get them passed along to One Page Mage.

Dungeon Crawl Info:

Recommended Level: 3

Group Size: 3-5

Category: Dungeon Crawl