Arcana Cast

Printed my logo perfect, high quality masters, polished up beautifully, made perfect molds
Sylver - Etsy
AJ and team is just an absolute delight to work with and so helpful for any questions you may have. I’m so excited to get to work on my masters and they made the process so easy.
Drollo18 - Etsy
I fell in love with they misty step font the moment I saw it, and I was not disappointed. The masters were excellent quality and polished up nicely. I can't wait to get my molds completed.
Jessica - Etsy

Revel Broker

Finally I made the click-clacks shiny - they're awaiting their silicone bath now. Beautiful product, easy to sand and polish, very nice sellers 😉 Definitely recommend
Gabby - Etsy
Seller added the die shape I wanted immediately when asked, and the final blanks all look great. Can’t wait to start using them with the beautiful masters I purchased a little while ago. As always, top quality products.
Samantha - Etsy
RevelBroker made my the dice masters of my dreams. They're fantastic to work with, care about their customers and put so much effort and care into what the produce for an amazing price. When you buy from RevelBroker, you're getting value, service and a quality product that - I've never seen matched by any one else I've worked with. I will be a returning customer for years to come and can only recommended them.
Fuzzum - Etsy


This die is beautiful and polished up quite nicely! thank you very much!!
Mia - Etsy
The quality and durability of these masters are the best I've seen anywhere and absolutely worth the price! I highly recommend the sanding add-on; Matt did a much better job than I ever could and it saved a LOT of time. I couldn't be happier and will definitely be buying other masters from this shop.
Michelle - Etsy