The First Gate: A Menagerie of Madness

Created By: BiscuitTinRPG

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Kickstarter Ends: 20221201


The First Gate is the ultimate sourcebook for fantasy role-playing. With new races and subraces, a class with truly unique abilities as well as monsters to challenge your players or introduce them into this world of madness that awaits you within its pages – The First Gate has everything any DM needs!

Finer points of the book:

  • Designed for the 5th Edition of the world’s leading TTRPG system
  • Looking at 200+ pages with basic art secured and added (we’ve already completed 190 pages of raw text with no layout)
  • Multiple optional new and variant mechanics
  • One new core class
  • 15+ new subclasses
  • Eight new races and subraces
  • 12 new feats
  • 20+ new spells
  • 25+ unique monsters and NPCs
  • 50+ new items from the mundane to the magical
  • 15+ New lores and locations to embed into your world
  • New background options called “Background Quirks” spice up your character’s story
  • Two new languages
  • At least 3 Stretch goals that we will reveal as goals are hit!