Witch Doctor Dice

Hello and welcome! My name is Seth and I am Witch Doctor Dice.
All of the sets you see on here and on my Instagram were all carefully made by me. That means I’m the only one pouring resin, polishing dice, and painting numbers so my stock is limited. I update my stock once a month and announce when it will be updating on my Instagram page so keep an eye on that for news and info! I started making dice to give as gifts to the players in the D&D group I was DMing and became obsessed with the dice making in the process. After a long time and some convincing from friends and family I started selling the dice I was making. That brings us to today over a year after pouring my first set that was full of air bubbles and soft cured I now have unique and strange dice for you to purchase for all of your collecting and tabletop gaming needs


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