Top Down Tabletop

Top Down Tabletop was started out of a desire for four friends from Canada to get together to play D&D more often. We decided, during the pandemic that we missed each other, imagine that! We also missed playing our D&D games which were already infrequent before the pandemic, so we decided to commit more regularly to play together. Testing out all sorts of programs to see what suited us best, as we began playing regularly and our games kept generating the most ridiculous memes, we started to joke around about streaming. The joking around started producing us looking into how that would even work until we finally had to admit we all wanted to try it. We spent months testing out streaming software, video call programs, our DM poured more energy into producing his homebrew world, we did a bit of pre-campaign roleplay, produced some character art and all these things just culminated and sat there for a bit while we struggled to come up with a name for ourselves that wasn’t already taken. We came up with Top Down Tabletop, mostly because it sounds ridiculous to say and also because of the top-down view we tend to play TTRPGs in and this name didn’t exactly limit us to D&D. From there, we spent about a month getting to know other live streamers, building a community on Twitch that were just mind-blowingly supportive when we launched at the end of January 2021.

We had thought we’d start looking at affiliate in the Summer of 2021 when we all had more time to but I guess our community had different plans as we became eligible for affiliate in about 8 weeks. It’s been pretty awesome to get to play a game with out favourite people and be able to share laughs with other people in our community who have just become great friends as well.

Our main campaign is an all wizards game called ‘Wizards of Zecharia’. A new session airs every other Saturday at 7:30pm EST with streams of random games on our off Saturdays and TTRPG related discussions hosted during the weekdays every other week.


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