Hello Hello! I’m Mel (she/her), and I like to draw!

I’m an illustrator, twitch streamer, and lover of TTRPGs! In other words: I’m a MultiClass Abomination, but somehow I function. Other Creative and RP-focused hobbies have been a hobby of mine for nearly my entire life, which is how I ended up becoming an artist. The stories my friends and I would write, and the characters I had grown attached to, were stuck in my head with no way out — so I grabbed a pencil and brought them to the material plane.

My husband had introduced me to the TTRPG world after seeing my love of Online RolePlaying forums. I fully dove into the hobby and online community. In 2019 I had been asked by several people if I took commissions. After some consideration, I opened commissions for the first time in 2020. Since then, I have done TTRPG Streamer graphics, character art, magical items, and much more! My favorite part about being commissioned is the chance to hear everyone else’s wonderful stories behind the subject I will be drawing. I take those stories, and try to include little details to help bring them to life in the final piece. This can be a subtle expression of the face, an ominous shadow in the background, or even small symbols and patterns that hint at a secret in their backstory.

My Social Handle is “JellyMellyDraws” and you can find me all over the place! My work (and inner dialogue) is on Twitter & Instagram. I am a creative streamer on Twitch, and I can be supported through Commissions, my RedBubble Shop, and Ko-Fi!


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