Fox.e.poxy Creations

Hi! I’m Rachel.

I’m a level 31 dicemaker and artist adventuring in Alberta, Canada. I’m a mom, a working professional, and a photographer as well as an artist and dicemaker.

I’ve been an artist for years. I took classes when I was younger and started painting a few years ago. I stumbled across a tutorial for Dutch Pours about a year and a half ago and I was hooked. I only very recently started selling my paintings because I ran out of room to hang them!

My dice making story is a bit more recent. I had grown tired of factory dice sets and started to search for more unique dice. That’s when I came across the handmade dice community and was hooked. After a few months of admiring the art form, I began looking for a way to make them myself. Around the same time, I stumbled upon the magic that is Khöpper Dice. My partner bought me one of the DIY dice kits that Kat sold for Christmas, and the rest is history.

After months of practice, thought, and dice hoarding, I finally decided that I can’t keep everything that I make. And so, my shop was born!




AA Voigt


Lost Haven Art