Hello to you the reader, 

I have quite the collection of odds and ends under my belt for you to enjoy. 

Streaming on Twitch as a Storyteller and a Player 

DM – The Red Opera (currently)

Player – City of Illumination

I create homebrew content on multiple sources, my free stuff is on KoFi and my higher end stuff is on DriveThruRPG and is all paid content.

I create Spells, Monsters, NPC’s, Feats, Playable Races, Classes, Subclasses and more.

New Release: The Compendium of the Absurd is officially out in softcover at DriveThruRPG

Includes: all the normal stuff from the PDF but also includes along with V1 of the Abyssal Knight the V2 with 3 unique subclasses and 2 brand new spells. 




Daarka Arts