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The Tabletop Journeys podcast was started in November of 2020. Lewanika and Josh had talked about doing a podcast for about 20 years, but could never settle on a topic that made their heart sing. Finally, they settled on talking TT RPGs in all their glory and splendor. Shortly after starting, they realized that they needed a third voice on the show, so they brought Glen on officially (the dark secret being that he had been behind the scenes the whole time).

The Podcast features three main streams. Our Main Episodes come out every Saturday and feature some aspect of the DND 5 Core Rules. We have talked about new books, UAs, breakdowns of subclasses, lineages, and concepts like “Session Zero”. We also put out a series we call “Side Quests”.  Side Quests were born when Lewanika, Josh, or both went on a fifteen-minute rant about The Mandalorian while trying to do an episode about Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything right after it was released. No one who knows them should be surprised in the least that this happened. Ultimately we decided to make them a whole separate series where we talk about all manner of inspiration for the games that we run at our table. Lately, we have had the chance to do a ton of interviews with awesome creators, supporters, Kickstarter Campaign managers, and just great people in the TTRPG space.

Last but not least (especially from editing time), we have launched an Actual Play! This is a way for us to give back to our Patreon supporters, because they are the amazing players that are featured on this stream. With the release of the Candlekeep Mysteries, we have started running through the quests in order with a rotating cast of characters. There will certainly be more content of this type coming out soon, and we are starting to combine our love of talking to awesome people and our actual play series to do game reveals for folks creating new games.

All of that to say, that we would love to talk to you about what you are doing! You can contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or email us directly at, we would love to hear from you!

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