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A group of Massachusetts-based friends in our beautiful, all-natural thirties playing D&D and other games. Living at the whim of our toddlers and fur babies. #30isthenew20

~*Main Campaign*~
The Bums of Greenest do Tyranny of Dragons. Come join our long-running campaign and follow Aaric Firesong, Avadon, Micaiah, Urdknot, Vadania, and Xander as they race against time to stop the release of the mighty Queen of Dragons, Tiamat, from her prison in the Nine Hells.


Wicked Independent Prestige Incorporated might just be the mercenary group you didn’t know you needed. Travel along with Umazur, Garraxus, Varo, and Elar – their adventures as full of variety as the party themselves.

Catch us at live at 9PM EST on the following days:
Monday – Join Izzi for some DM Prep Talk; help make an encounter, build an NPC, generate ideas for monsters or backstory drama!
Tuesday & Saturday- watch and chat with us as we play our main D&D campaign, The Bums of Greenest do Tyranny of Dragons.
Thursday – Variety hour or a One-Shot Adventure with other members of The NAT30s DMing. (optional stream)


Each month, we have a main giveaway that anyone can enter just by using their Twitch Critties (Channel Points). You don’t have to be present to win and you can enter as many times as you want!
Patrons to our Patreon, in addition to getting lore and homebrew items, also get an automatic entry into the monthly giveaway. :)

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