For those of us beginner and veteran dice makers who have tried to use some form of cap molds, you know there is a love and hate relationship with them. I started my dice making journey with sprue molds, but I just did not like the extra work it took to clean up the dice after a pull.

For the longest time I could not wrap my head around how to make a cap mold. With sprue molds you needed the sprue and overfill areas to not only pour in your resin, but to also help with escaping bubbles. Around the same time that I started my research the amazing Dice Witchery published a YouTube video on creating Cap Molds, AND it was a game changer.

Dice Witchery OG Cap Mold Tutorial

With this method there was very little cleanup needed, the supplies were minimal and the instructions were easy to follow.

Since this video Dice Witchery has published more Cap style mold videos to include using PVC Cap Molds, as well as tips and tricks for Pouring Dice with Cap Molds. Make sure to show some love and support for Dice Witchery by subscribing to their YouTube channel and give them a follow on their socials.

One thing I have recently changed is going from single dice molds to more of a slab mold. You can find some good videos on making the slab/cap molds below. What really got me excited for the slab mold was the TaCrow mold system which you can find at This mold system allows you to not only have built in keys for your slab mold but all sides of your container are easy to put together and take apart. It really is an amazing game changer and I have saved a lot of silicone by using this system.

If you are looking for premade cap style molds there are many resources available. We will update the list below as more mold makers are recommended.

Last but not least is a running list of cap mold videos. If you have a recommended video that helped you, leave a comment below and we will add it in. Remember, no one solution is the best. Find the one that works for you and provides you the results you are looking for.

Rybonator’s Complete Guide To Dice Making – Cap Molds

Rybonator’s Cap Molds
Kaitlin Pierce – No Pressure Pot Cap Molds
Firebolt Dice – Hybrid Cap/Sprue Molds
Druid Dice Slab Mold Using TaCrow Mold System