Hey! I’m Drew with Dicey Encounters and I’d love to share how my logo came to be. A little over a year ago I was a player in a homebrew game. At the time I was playing a homebrew race that were essentially sentient ooze covering gemstone skeletons, this race was this world’s version of the changelings. I had been talking to the DM about creating a deity for this new race, and we settled on the god of change named Sottino, (a play on my last name). I played around with a few ideas on paper before showing the other party members and then eventually working with Serenity from Moonbeam Menagerie in creating the logo you see today.

What is great about this logo is it does have a meaning behind it.

Being the symbol of the god of change, the left swirl symbolizes the change we fear, the right swirl the change we seek, and the central line is the constant state of change. This symbology really struck a chord with me, as my art as a dice maker is always changing, as well as making the leap to do dice making as my full time career.

Drew- Dicey Encounters

I ended up getting this logo tattooed as a constant reminder that it is ok to fear change, but sometimes we have to embrace it to get to the changes we want in our lives.  

My Mascot on the other hand, DE the bugbear tinkerer was a fun collaboration with Laura Jewett, who creates many amazing illustrations and digital art. DE was a play on me as a person, at the time with dreads going all the way down my back and a hyper fixation in the dice making process that managed to continue through now 3 years later. His original concept was inspired by a “villain henchman” from the original Power Rangers show, Finster, who would toil away creating the monsters and weapons from clay to send out for the heroes to fight. Much like Finster, DE and myself were creating dice for DM’s and Players alike to use in amazing stories.

Dicey Encounters Mascot Logo

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